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Related article: Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 09:59:28 -0700 From: john bottom Subject: "Turned Out -- The after party"(Author's note: After the short story "Turned Out" appeared on, I got many e-mails from interested parties wanting to participate in a simulated rape. I set it up and here are the results.)For those who attended the rape scene May 21 in Miami, thanks for coming. In all, there was only one no show, a bottom boy from Tampa. There was a total of eight males involved. Two were bottoms, six tops, all from Miami. Two of the tops served time. They all read the "Turned Out" story on nifty.I stuck with Florida people this time just to simplify things. I paid for a hotel in a part of Miami call Cayocho and everyone chipped in to reimburse me. This hotel is in a pretty run down neighborhood and used by prostitutes. I chose this hotel because the noise and the comings and goings of people would go pretty much unnoticed.The session lasted six hours, with several men hanging out for several hours after to drink beer, chat and whatever. The bottoms all left after six hours. They were spent and a little humiliated I think. There were plenty of party favors. Everyone brought something.Of the tops, two were black, three were hispanic and one white. All nicely hung, big beefy men, which was what I was looking for. Two of the tops Lolita Dresses were remarkably hung. One black top was sporting a solid 11 thick inches, while one hispanic top had 9 and was exceptionally thick. I'd say his cock was the scariest. Smallest was eight inches. In all, 48 tops from around the country and one from Scotland e-mailed or sent pictures. Get this, 211 bottoms e-mailed or sent pictures. There were many tops and bottoms that looked and sounded good, but I stuck with the best local talent.I was proud of all the tops. They came to rape and that's what they did. One black top, Derek, was very verbal and wasn't afraid to convincingly slap and push the boys around. He was also good at directing the action when it needed to be directed. Terry, the white top, wasn't as verbal, but he was very good at positioning boys for entry. He's a former con and was the first to initiate the rapes both times.The two bottom boys were very good. One was white, the other hispanic. Both young, 21 and 22. They were slender, almost no fat and shaved. Cute boys, nice faces, asses, and pretty cocks. Steve, the white boy, was the first to enter the hotel room to be raped.Earlier, after meeting everyone, we sent the boys out for a while as we watched a video and drank beer. Most of us were naked and jacking, some opting to keep their work boots on in part because the carpet was so dirty. When Steve knocked on the door, Terry opened it and told him to get inside. Once the door was closed behind him, Terry slapped Steve across the face pretty hard and pushed him into Derek, who was standing behind him, Derek put a strangle hold on Steve and told him he was going to get raped. Terry grabbed Steve by the neck with both hands and forced him to kneel. The tops formed a circled and began verbal assaulting Steve and fucking his mouth. One of the tops poured warm beer on his head while Steve sucked his cock. Nice touch I thought.About 30 minutes later -- right on time -- Tommy knocked on the door. At this time Steve was getting his ass pounded by one of the black tops and sucking off the other while the rest waited in line either at the front or the back of Steve. Terry practically sprinted to the door, opened it, pulled Tommy in by the hair, slung him to the ground and told him to take his clothes off. Tommy started taking his clothes off, but Terry and two others grew impatient and stripped the boy naked and began fucking his face, then his ass. You should have seen the look on Tommy's face when Terry pulled him in and he saw Steve taking it like a bitch -- priceless.Tommy turned out to be the Every Ready Bunny. He swallowed as much cum as the tops could produce. He was also the first to be double fucked. He took the biggest black cock and one of the smaller 8-inchers for a good 20 minutes, then the smaller cocks had a go. It just worked out that way. He tried for the two biggest cocks but couldn't. Maybe next time. No one got fisted, but Steve did take an aluminum baseball bat that Terry brought. Very hot. He was kinda crying and wimpering when he bent over in anticipation of getting it pushed into his once tight hole. We had to stuff a towel in his mouth when it slid in because he was screaming -- he said later he was acting for effect -- but he was rock hard the entire time and seemed to really enjoy it when Terry began sliding it in and out. This made it easier to double fuck him and he did take the two biggest cocks, but in all didn't get double fucked for as long as Tommy because, I think, the session was nearing it's end.Tommy's double dicking was classic. He was picked up and placed a cock while facing away from the top man below him laying on the bed while another top pushed him backwards by the knees and pushed his way into Tommys sweet shaved hole. BTW, both these boys had nice holes. And, both are popper fiends. Both turn into a little moaning tramps and really seem to take to being penetrated after a good pull. While Tommy was getting double dicked, the only breaks he took was to hit the poppers, and then it was between rotations. At one point he had two cocks in his ass, one in each hand and one in his mouth, servicing five out of the six top daddies in the room. That was Derek's idea. Again, nice touch. Steve was getting his ass fucked in the bathroom by the top daddy with the thick 9-incher. This was pretty early in the session.Best scene of the night was shortly Lolita Dresses after Tommy walked in the room. Again this was the brilliance of Terry who saw some raping in prison. The two boys were placed face-to-face on their knees and were getting fucked from behind, either making out with each other on demand or sucking a top daddy off. Both were sobbing, moaning, slobbering like two little bitches. Very hot.Tommy said he came four times, Steve three. Steve -- and this was his idea in the pre-rape meeting -- shot a huge load in a cup and was instructed to drink it. He was also forced to lick his cum up off the bathroom floor after getting fucked by the biggest black cock early in the session. Very messy. All of the tops came more than once. No cum was wasted. Steve and Tommy agreed to swallow the entire night and they did. Nicely done on their part.Let's do it again in a couple weeks. Interested parties:
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